Why should our kids and we learn to be creative?

Arts and crafts

I remember staying at an aunt’s place for summer vacations. The TV used to not work most times and there were few music cassettes that I could listen to if I liked devotional songs and sermons! I was the only child amidst relatives and boredom would kick-in very soon. Those were the days arts and crafts took me to a whole other world. I used to pick up fallen tree barks and make them into showpieces, try and steal sheets of paper from my cousins and draw and paint to my heart’s content, meddle with needles and beads from my aunt’s stitching kit. I guess all this love for handmade, handcrafted, DIY (Do It Yourself) crafts began there.

I seriously wonder if I would have chosen this path if I had WiFi, mobile games, Netflix and YouTube then!

Taking up some form of a craft form has been proven scientifically to reduce stress levels for adults and children. In a time when school, college, work and personal stress keeps building on, crafting can be a stress buster – something to fall back on, a healthy distraction.

Here are some tangible benefits of taking up some form of DIY routine!

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Feeling elated

The feeling of building/creating something yourself is a high that you and your kids just have to experience. You don’t have to be an amazing artist or an experienced craftsperson to do this. Take up a small DIY project. Work with your kids, make something for the house or gift your work to friends and family. You will love the feeling!

Martin Seligman, often called the father of positive psychology talks about engagement and accomplishments being two factors for your mental well-being. Crafting gives you these!

Reducing stress levels


Lots of people feel down without understanding what is wrong! It is alarming to see more people getting into such phases of depression.  In such situations, try enrolling for a craft/art class or learn something new from free videos/blogs. When you engage in something interesting, stress levels go down and your thought process is clearer.

When you are creative, your brain releases dopamine, a chemical, which is a natural anti-depressant.

Getting more focused

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For smaller kids, crafts and art improve their motor skills, coordination and help them focus on the task at hand. Finished projects are a great self-booster and can help your kids grow into a confident, loved and happier individual.

For adults, an engaging craftwork helps eliminate multiple thoughts, ease out the brain and get you refreshed and focused on your priorities.

How to get this started?

kids painting

For children – Start with easy crafts that involve minimal precision and work. You can think of paper quilling, paper mache arts, DIY greeting cards, painting and coloring, pencil sketching and so on.

For adults – There is just so much to pick from. Fabric painting, carpentry, pottery, paper crafts, watercolor art, abstract painting, candle making, soap making and more.

If you want more specific ideas, do leave me a message through any of Kaagitham’s social media pages. I will love to help you with options 🙂 Crafters after all need to bond tight!

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