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All of us love jewelry. A good piece of accessory can totally change your look, pushing you from ‘normal’ to ‘fab’ in an instant. A decade back, when we wanted to buy an earring, we either had to choose from the limited options the neighborhood ‘fancy store’ had or go visit big fashion stores in central shopping areas in our city and get slightly better designs there.

Almost all times, we ended up buying metal jewelry. If it was not precious metals, it had to be those random pieces of stuff we picked up at different stores. Don’t get me wrong, they were lovely jewelry too. They were inexpensive and lasted for a couple of months. But were they special?

Did these pieces of jewelry mean something to us? Did we feel amazing when we wore them? I doubt so!

You will be amazed how much the last 10 years have been to the fashion industry, including jewelry and accessories in particular. Online stores, jewelry in different materials, unique and handpicked pieces, statement designs, customized accessories – The options a person has right now is so cool!

What’s a handmade jewelry?

Unlike mass produced pieces of jewelry, these are designed individually, by one or several artist(s) using minimal tools, and mostly using their hands. It takes several hours and in few cases, several days to finish up a single piece and while handcrafting, no two pieces of jewelry can be a replica of each other. The mood of the artist, the environment and what he/she thinks of while creating it reflects on the final piece! This is true for any creation

kaagitham handmade paper jewelry

How amazing is that?

When you buy a handmade jewelry, you are not buying just an accessory. You are buying a product that is filled with the love, emotions and creativity of an artist and trust me, you will know the difference when you use/ try something painstakingly put together just for your use.

Another special thing about handmade jewelry is that you can identify the artist/creator easily by just looking at the design/pattern of a product or jewelry in this case. When you know who created it, it becomes even closer to heart.

Every piece of handmade jewelry you buy from Kaagitham has a story to it. Every earring and neckpiece throbs with life and the story behind its creation  is varied and unique every single time. There are designs that are a cake walk. They are perfect to create and come together perfectly every single try. There are times when we go haywire with the idea in mind. It takes several attempts and restless nights to land on the right technique to replicate the design.

how to make handmade jewelry

This is what keeps us excited every time we work on an order and when the result is a treasured, beautiful looking piece of handmade paper jewelry, it is worth all the effort we put in.

Flaunt your jewelry

If you buy something handmade, it stands out in the crowd. People will definitely look at it and ask you about it. Know a little about the art, the technique, and effort involved in creating it.  Feel proud of wearing something handcrafted to perfection.

Pairing the right handmade jewelry with your attire can grab more attention than expensive gold or diamond ornaments. It shows you are unique and that is an amazing confidence booster.

Start building up your handcrafted jewelry collection. Store them in separate chambers in your jewelry box and make a small note of where you bought them and the artist’s name and anything else that’s interesting about it. Every time you decide to wear one, have a look at these notes. Know how special they are and put them on with pride!

kaagitham handmade paper jewelry


Happy shopping.

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