Fun DIY jewelry organizing ideas

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Buying jewelry is so much fun. If you also spend a lot of time and effort in buying cool pieces of earrings and neckpieces and bangles, you will know the problem behind too much jewelry – No place to store them.

Many times, we throw in all earrings into a box and spend furious minutes trying to find a particular pair. Most times, we forget good ones because they are hidden away somewhere or lost amidst a messy drawer.

Here are few amazing ways to store and display all your jewelry in a shoestring budget. Spend some time in a few ‘Do It Yourself’ tricks and you will thank us later. Remember, all jewelry deserve your love!

Tree branch organizers

Fun DIY jewelry organizing ideas

(Image sources: Pinterest)

The next time you find a dried and fallen out branch of a plant or a tree, pick it up and come home. Take a small piece of wood and drill a hole the size of the branch’s base. Now apply some strong glue to the sides of the cavity and place the branch.

Once it dries, you can use it to display your hooked and hooped earrings and small pendant sets. Make sure the branch is strong enough to hold the weight of the jewelry though.

You can even paint the branch in colors you like and make it look even better!

Rackets to the rescue

Tennis racket jewelry holder

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Did you buy a tennis or a shuttle racket intending to practice every day? Where have you hidden it right now? Bring it down, dust it all over and hang it horizontally over a wall. You can use the net to display earrings and necklaces. If you manage to hammer down few nails to the handle, you can add your bracelets, bangles, and longer chains.

Convert bottles into bangle organizers

Used glass bottles are perfect pieces of display for chunky bangles and bracelets. They are easy to access and painted, colorful bottles double up as room decors.

Fun DIY jewelry organizers

(Image sources: Pinterest)

Netted frames

Fun DIY jewelry organizers

This is something we personally loved. We had used such frames to display our jewelry in flea markets and it was an instant hit. Buy thick aluminum or plastic nets from hardware stores and ask a nearby framing shop to frame it up with a corkboard base and a hook at the back. You can now hang this in your room and use it to store earrings and use board pins to hold up other jewelry types.

Do you store your jewelry in other cool ways? Let us know. Your jewelry is your statement piece. It tells the world what your taste is! Get creative, display and flaunt them in style.

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