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A perfect earring can definitely add some zing and complete the way you look. When you want to buy an earring, how do you start searching for them online? Except for few basic types like ‘jhumkas’ or ‘studs’, most of us have no idea what to search for.

It is a definite advantage knowing what the popular types of earrings are called.

  •  You can land on what kind of earring you want quickly on websites and search engines
  •  You can show your friends that you have an upper hand when it comes to fashion
  •  Well, you have learnt something new for today right?

So, below are the popular types of earrings available and the names and details about them.

1.       Studs

005Y-1                           kaagitham stud type earring

                 (Kaagitham mango stud paper earrings)                                                      (Kaagitham 2-in-1 removable stud jhumkas)

No surprise here. These are classics that were worn by our grandmothers and mothers and still stand strong. If you want a no fuss, small to medium sized earring that sits on your earlobe, then choose a stud. Simple studs are subtle and help focus the attention to your facial features. Studs suit almost everyone, irrespective of the age and they will remain popular for decades to come.

2.       Jhumkas

Who does not love jhumkas? If you have lived in India or follow Indian fashion, jhumkas are something you would never have missed.

kaagithampaper jhumka earrings

(Kaagitham buddha inspired dangler jhumka)

A jhumka is such a versatile earring type and is personally my favorite. You can adorn small to medium sized jhumkas and look perfect for office or you can choose statement pieces that will make you the center of attention in parties or events. I think a jhumkas accentuates the features of a woman and makes her look ethereal.

Jhumkas are basically dome shaped pieces of jewelry that can be created into different styles and types. Square jhumkas, conical ones, semi circles, extra large sized jhumkas etc. are popular choices these days.

Kaagitham paper jhumka earrings                  007B-A-1-min

                            (Kaagitham ethnic jhumkas)                                                               (Kaagitham 2-in-1 removable jhumkas)

This type of earring is perfect for all your ethnic wear including kurtas, salwars, sarees, lehangas, and long skirts and so on.

Fashion tip: Try a rustic jhumkas with your palazzo and tank top and add on a colorful stole to rock the look.

3.       Danglers

Anything and everything that dangles from your earlobe comes under this category. These usually come with fish hooks that are easy put on and take off. This is a really generic type and can include so many sub categories of earrings. Narrow danglers, wide ones, long danglers, jhumkas with danglers, tear drops etc. are few examples. When you choose a dangler, pay attention to its size and choose the one that fits you best.

             Kaagitham handmade paper quilling earrings        Kaagitham handmade paper quilling earrings

                              (Kaagitham crimped dangler earrings for kids)                                         (Kaagitham teardrop danglers)

4.       Hoops

Another of my favorite type! Hoops can totally change the way you look. Hoops with jhumkas are Kaagitham’s best sellers till date and they can totally transform a normal everyday wear to something unique and wow inspiring.

kaagitham hoop style paper jhumka earring                    005A-H-5 -min

            (Kaagitham blue hooped jhumkas)                                                                 (Kaagitham maroon hooped jhumkas)

Hoops are rounded pieces of metal that cover the earlobe from the front to the back and are usually medium to big in size. Really small hoops are often referred to as huggies.

Throw on a salwar suit, let your hair down and choose a big sized hoop with a jhumka in a color that matches your dress. Be generous with your kajal and add just a hint of lip gloss. You are all set to rock Bollywood!

Kaagitham hoop style paper jhumka earrings

(Kaagitham grand hooped jhumkas)

5.       Chandeliers

Imagine a classic combination of a stud with a dangler below. Chandeliers are usually associated with parties, functions, glamour and festivity, especially the ethnic Indian designs. They are sophisticated, look great and are usually reserved for special occasions.

kaagitham chandelier handmade paper earrings                     007A-1-min

                         (Kaagitham chandelier blue earrings)                                          (Kaagitham multicolored chandelier earrings)

When you wear a really big chandelier earring, you can shy away from neck piece. This will help bring attention to the chandelier piece and also prevent you from looking over dressed. Such chandeliers look great with sarees, ethnic Indian suits like anarkalis, lehangas and anything that is festive.

6.       Ramleela Earrings

We had loved this particular design of earring worn by Deepika Padukone in the movie Ramleela. It looked so beautiful on her and there were a lot of people looking around for this. Kaagitham’s Ramleela earring is one of the most popular designs sold and people love the fact that these are made of paper and hence are so light weight to carry!

Like chandeliers these are best worn with ethnic Indian wear and should be accompanied by no neckpiece or a very simple one.  They are studs and sit right on the earlobe and are sure to grab a lot of attention!

kaagitham ramleela type paper quilling earrings             004V-2-


(Kaagitham Ramleela paper earrings)

So which one is your favorite? Let us know. Did we miss any other type of earring here? Comment below and we will add them to the list.

Go stay beautiful!


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